Legends start with good accomodation


By Adrian Patrelli - The Reception Comms. King.

There is a rumour that a church in my neighbourhood was founded on what was effectively an old legionaire retirement home. Somehow with the wisdom and turbulence of history the hangout spot of a bunch of well travelled, (possibly debaucherous) lads fueled by wine, revelling and not-PG fun somehow became a holy location of some repute. I can easily envision that the Yellow, sometime down the distant road of time, will be the location of a temple of a strange future fertility god that is prayed for prior to drinking games.

Rome has been drawing travellers from around the known world for millenia but I doubt if in all that time it had accommodation so singularly epic as the Yellow. Put simply this is a bloody awesome place to stay. My time at the Yellow has been short, merely a summer’s worth but damn it’s been sweet. So what is it about the Yellow that makes it not suck? Wellll here are a few things:

  • Toga parties that Animal House would be proud of (if you don,t know what that is ask your parents and you will think more highly of them)
  • A party bus that makes Prague’s boat thing get kinda jealous
  • Staff that actually like the place
  • Bartenders that actually like you
  • Drinks that like you more
  • 9 hours of happy hour
  • In the morning you can get… PANCAKES! Admit it, you’ve missed those.
  • There is a breakfast called “the rehab”. It goes great with the party bus.
  • People from other hostels come to our bar and the next day show up at reception to ask for a room.
  • You have not lived until you have knocked back a few beers and had BBQ chicken sticks with parmesan cheese fries.
  • Did I mention the choice of syrup (for the PANCAKES) is between kahlua, butter rum or strawberry?
  • DJ every night.
  • We might have beer pong… jk we DO have beer pong.
  • aannndddd we’re in Rome.

I started working here a couple months ago and while my departure already feels sudden, I have no doubt that others can bask in the awesomeness in my place. The guests are cool, the staff are some of the most chill and nationally diverse bunch you might ever meet and you already read the list above. Not yet convinced? Come see for yourself and in a thousand years time you might end up with an altar in a fertility god’s citadel with your name on it. Legendary trips involve the Yellow.

Perversion Excursion


by Stanley Renderos - The Duke of Rome

When we first came up with the idea of the party bus me and my friend, ex-staffer David “Footlong” Palladino, use to joke around we should call it the perversion excursion. But, after the last few party bus rides we’ve had I think the name may stick. We’ve had some wild rides on the party bus, and they seem to keep escalating in all around awesomeness. Both female and male passengers of been getting straight cray cray. It seems almost as if the guys like to use the stripper pole on the bus more than the girls, but of course we’ve had several girls show up the guys on the pole.

I’m sure some of you are like, “what the fuck is the party bus?” I’m going to tell you right now. It’s an idea that came from my very own perverse and wild mind. As some of you may know pubcrawls are illegal in Rome, and if you’ve stayed at The Yellow you also know that we’re always coming up with new and interesting ways to entertain you wild and sex fueled Yellow guests. So to give all of you a pubcrawl replacement, we came up with the party bus. It is literally a club on wheels. There are multiple TVS, stripper pole, and most importantly our own bar. Yup, the bus has it’s own private bar where our barman Domenic pours you animals drinks on the bus with a heavy hand. We also refer to Domenic as Dom “Show Me Your Party Trick” Perri.

More about the bus, so, for two hours we take a group of 30 people on an epic booze soaked journey around Rome. We make two stops, the first is at Gianicolo, where we take group pics, pee, smoke what we got, and maybe engage in a quick session of coitus with a fellow bus passenger. Gianicolo also happens to be on top of a hill and overlooks all of Rome, so it’s actually a great place to checkout if you haven’t been there yet, and best way to do so is on our party bus. Afterwards we head to our second stop, which is at the Colosseum so we can do the same shit we did at Gianicolo.

The bus ride is only two hours long, and we guarntee if you board the bus sober that you definitely won’t arrive back at The Yellow in that condition. Personally I love the party bus better than pubcrawls ‘cause I don’t have to walk to shitty bars while I’m fucked up, walking is for suckers. I like to be chauffered around in a pimped out limo-bus with my own private bartender. I’m mean shit that’s how Jay-Z or P.Diddy would do it, or anyone who enjoys a little class while trying to get some ass and intoxicated.

If you read this and said to yourself, “I need to get on this fucking bus!” Then I definitely want you on my bus. We run it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The only way to sign-up is through me, Stanley, at the Yellow Bar. You can do this Sunday through Friday. I take Saturdays off to recover from the bus. But come to the bar flag me down and get your bus pass, and then we shall get fucked up together like all good backpackers should.